Amateur Radio Roundtable – Subject: Future of Ham Radio

Amateur Radio Roundtable

Subject: Future of Ham Radio

This week’s show (November 17th) will feature the James Lea family of amateur radio operators. Not only are James Lea, WX4TV, and his wife Michelle Lea, N8ZQZ, licensed but so are three of their children. The youngest child is taking her test this week and could be licensed by Tuesday evening. These young hams range in the ages from 7 to 13 and are involved in all aspects of ham radio including Satellite, DXing, contesting, portable operation, special event support, homebrewing, etc. They are highly technical and speak at forums.  I interview them at 2015 Hamvention and was blown away by their intelligence, energy, and enthusiasm!  The children have their own ham radio blog called HamRadio.World. Please check it out before the show, read about the outstanding projects they are involved in, and watch their videos. This is an amazing ham family and you will not want to miss this show.  Invite a young person to join you!

If you watched last week, you know that we had technical problems – no Skype audio from our friend Joe Eisenberg, K0NEB, so we used a back-up phone line connection. Since Joe’s kits are in high demand, we decided to postpone his presentation until November 24th.  In addition to Joe’s segment, we will have a segment on near space balloon launches with Jack Crabtree, W7JLC.  Jack has conducted over 154 flights in the last 25 years.

Please send your FCC related questions to Riley Hollingsworth, K4ZDH, at He will answer your questions on a future webcast, and in some cases, he may just call you on the phone if you leave a number.   Riley retired from the FCC’s Compliance and Information Bureau as Legal Adviser for Enforcement Program.

Amateur Radio Roundtable is a live weekly amateur radio webcast, held every Tuesday night at 8 PM CT (0200 UTC Wednesday) at  The show covers a wide range of topics for ham radio operators and electronic hobbyists; including balloon launches, satellite, go-kits, emergency communications, SDR, digital modes, DXing, home brewing, hamfest updates, and more.  Viewers will have the opportunity to ask questions via the chat room or telephone.

Our shows are usually recorded and placed on YouTube’s W5KUB channel the following day.

We need your help.  If you use Twitter, please send out a tweet 15 minutes before the show or retweet our announcement. I suggest something like “live #hamradio show starts in 15 mins on 8 PM CT".  This should help increase our viewer base.

Towards the end of each show, we provide a link and viewers who have a camera, microphone, and a Google+ account, can join the show. Your video and audio will be on the webcast.  This part of the show is very informal and up to 10 people can join. We talk about anything the viewers want to discuss.

We would like to share pictures of your ham shack on the webcast. Send a picture of your ham shack with a description and we will feature your shack pictures on the show.  In fact, if you give us your permission, your shack could be used as the background of that week’s webcast!

If you have a specific subject idea for a future show, send an email to

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Join us for fun and interesting discussions!

Tom Medlin, W5KUB



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